The coverage you have depends on the policy you have. There are many options, including: Basic (Good), Broad (Better), Special Forms (Best).  All homeowners are package policies.  You get a set of coverages rolled into your policy for one total premium. They include coverage on  your home, contents and liability protection.  There is no better way to understand your homeowner policy than to review it with your agent.  We suggest you look over your current policy and find the sections that correspond to the following explanations:

A typical policy will include:

1. Declaration Page- declares who, what and how much you are insuring, along with effective and expiration dates.

2. The Policy Booklet- details of coverage and exclusions.

3. Endorsements- separate pages, usually with endorsement numbers, that change specific parts of the policy.

To keep the cost of insurance down, your policy may have limits on certain items, such as:
Cash- $100
Jewelry- $1,000
Firearms- $2,500

If you feel you don't have enough coverage, please contact us.  We can quote the policy to increase those limits.